Ride With Mike Blog


  1. Rita Benson says:

    Woohoo this is Fantastic. Such a great cause.. 👌😘

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  2. Danute and Bill Revill says:

    You are an amazing person Mike🚴🏽‍♂️🏔
    An inspiration to so many
    It will be an exciting ride

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  3. Sherif Abdelmalek says:

    I wish you all the best in your ride, when someone went through hard times is the only one can feel other people in the same situation,

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  4. Ric Shaw says:

    Fantastic cause Mike. Some hard yards in front of you, will be watching.

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  5. iamthecuban says:

    Great to meet and ride Bowral with you Mike. Good luck with your amazing and inspirational challenge! Hope you reach your goal!

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  6. Martin says:

    Well done Mike. Great catching up again today for a chat. Stay strong.

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  7. Julie Bender says:

    What a great cause and such an informative website. Not only are you the master your own recovery, you are also providing hope for so many others for their own. Just like your love of bike riding, the journey is a challenging but a rewarding one at the same time. Keep on keeping on!

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  8. Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year to you all.
    Love life, health & happiness,


  9. Tour Down Under day 1 milestone training ride complete.
    A distance of 120.9k with 584 meters of climbing and an average speed 28.7kph,…I’m happy with that.
    Saddle sores have flared so it will be a challenging next couple of days but with fantastic riding buddies it will be much more enjoyable and rewarding, feeling blessed XX


  10. Tour Down Under day 2 milestone training ride complete.
    A distance of 142.5k with 1,271 meters of climbing and an average speed 26kph.
    Very happy especially considering it was a semi solo ride with just x1 riding buddy in Garrin.
    My saddle sores are responding to treatment and today I wore x2 pair of cycling nicks to assist with comfort.
    Your support of both myself and NIIM is tremendous, please keep it coming and spread the word. Donations to NIIM can be made by clicking on the donation page XX


  11. TDU – DAY 3:
    Tour Down Under day 3 milestone training ride complete.
    A distance of 135.1k with just 290 meters of climbing and at an average speed 27.7kph.
    Today was mentally tough more than physically demanding.
    My original plan was to hit the hills however I just didn’t have the energy and had to listen to my body so a flat recovery type ride along the coast it was.
    The first 80k was very pleasant and social with Mandy, Carlo, Pete and Garrin while the final 55k I did solo.
    It’s amazing how soothing the scenic coastline water views are and invigorating the smell of salt water, fantastic.
    Sleep, sleep and more sleep it will be as tomorrow is a very big day in the hills.


  12. NIIM says:

    You’re doing such an amazing job Mike! We’re all very proud of you!

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  13. TDU – DAY 4:
    Tour Down Under day 4 milestone training ride complete.
    A distance of 110.9k with 1,493 meters of climbing and at an average speed 25kph.
    Today was magical.. fantastic climbs, beautiful scenery with wonderful friends…. perfect.
    Saddle sores still there but manageable….
    Thank you for your continued support of both myself and NIIM, sincerely appreciated X


  14. TDU – DAY 5
    Tour Down Under day 5 milestone training ride complete.
    A distance of 170.6k with 1,275 meters of climbing and at an average speed 26.5kph.
    Solid day in the saddle riding into strong head winds and cross winds.
    Had the pleasure starting my ride with great friend Carlo Vanini and then finished with the wonderful Glenelg Bay Bikers…
    Today was a perfect training ride, I’m starting to find legs… feeling great and really looking forward to Wilunga Hill stage tomorrow X


  15. TDU – DAY 6, final day
    Tour Down Under day 6 milestone training ride complete.
    A distance of 135.9k with 1,232 meters of climbing and at an average speed 25.3kph.
    It was another perfect training ride and fantastic way to finish this training block riding back-to-back days and similar distances as the pros. I rode 847.3k this week… and yes I thought about going back out to clock up a neat 850k for all of 2 seconds 😂🤣
    I’m starting to find my legs and feel strong on the bike, just need more time in the hills.
    A huge thanks to my training buddies from Glenelg for a wonderful week. I can’t thank you enough for your help, support, encouragement and hospitality, you’re all champions. XX


  16. People have been asking if they can buy my cycling kit… here is a link.
    More item lines will be added soon. Again, many thanks for your support.


  17. emilia guthrie says:

    Hello Mike we read about you in John Connolly’s article in The Australian, 9-10/3. You are an amazing person, your courage and determination are truly inspiring. We wish you well in your endeavours and much much good health. Terence and Emilia

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