Stage 15 – Giro d’Italia completed

The 232km Stage 15 from Ivrea to Coma was my toughest yet. It was raining for the first 60k and I was drenched to the bone freezing cold within 10 minutes… Our little team lead by Uri were so helpful, patient and encouraging.. I was ever so close to abandoning changing x4 times but just couldn’t warm up. At the 68k mark we found an oasis the the form of Trattoria (cafe) where we had chance to get in out of the rain and worm up…. after many hot cups of water and toasted sandwiches we were back on our way, with the sun breaking through… I was back in the game.
Due to the many stops and unplanned extended one, we were well behind time… I decided not to stop for schedule lunch break but push on, and lucky we did.
The Pros caught us 1km from the top of the very last climb, less than 10k from home…. it was actually a nice relief to stop and watch them race by as it was a brutal 4.2km climb of 405meters with an average gradient of 9.6%.. not a lot of fun with 218km in your legs… A nice and warming touch throughout this journey is the support and encouragement received from many of the pro teams from a wave to cleaning my bike… So far the mechanics from Education First, Bora Hansgroe and tonight Bahrain Merida have washed my bike… knowing how long their days are and how busy they are this means an incredible lot.. so thank you.
Tomorrow is rest day before the gigantic 228km from Lovere to Ponte Di Legno… this will be nearly 6,000meters of climbing which includes the famous Passo Gavia and Passo Del Mortirolo… stay tuned

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  1. David Gerard says:

    Hi mike

    Thanks for the emails mike I’ve just gone through read them all ,what an amazing ride and achievement mate ,really very impressive it is an endurance of body and spirit eh ,i watch facebook every night see the incredible scenery and the ride ,the gradients and distances of them ,i’m in awe mate feel very privileged to watch your awesome achievement truly its a big deal, time for a rest mate but i guess there is now some recreational riding with a bit of competition as always that’s the way we are all the best mike and thanks for the updates see you back in oz ! Dave


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