Stage 15 – Tour de France completed

Today was always going to be a big day of climbing and it didn’t disappoint. Strategically I needed to survive in good shape by not pushing too hard as fatigue is currently my greatest enemy. All climbs and descents were very different and unique and actually quite enjoyable. With the exception of the Mur or “the wall” on the second last climb that was above 18% for 3km, the gradients on the other climbs weren’t all that steep however the duration on each climb was very long, generally 10-12kms plus the elevation gains to get to the base of each climb of up to 20kms at 4-5%. It’s a mental game on these long climbs staying focused for the duration and keeping a consistent pedaling rhythm whilst staying relaxed. The descents are long and seriously fast, scary fast. Don’t be surprised to see the pro riders hit speeds of 80-90kph if not faster. It should be a very exciting stage to watch on TV, attacks will be going thick and fast all day with the GC contenders having opportunities right up to the very last 12km Cat 1 climb to the finish… it will be spectacular.

Tonight I said goodbye to my lead rider Pete who did a wonderful job pushing hard on the front. Uri now joins me for this all important last phase as we push to Paris.

Tomorrow is my second and final rest day which is perfect timing for me to refresh, regroup and prepare to tackle the best the French Alps can throw at us before the final push to Paris.

Current TDF stats;
15 Stages completed
2,522kms cycled
38,499 meters climbed
23.7kph avg speed

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