Stage 16 – Tour de France completed

After our rest day yesterday it was nice to enjoy a relatively easy day on the bike today. Our little GTP team has grown for the last week and we now have riders from US, UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Venezuela and Australia.
Riding a 177km loop from Nimes through some very historical sites and villages back to Nimes was quite enjoyable.
Crossing the highest ancient bridge in the world, the Roman built Pont du Gard was an extra special highlight. This UNESCO Heritage site is absolutely amazing, just breath taking. The television coverage and history lessons of the region will be very engaging as there’s so much history in this region.
While the course is pancake flat in TDF terms, the weather didn’t assist in anyway as we battled a 40+ degree heatwave and gusty head & cross winds… for me it was much better than rain though. For the pros it will be a day for the sprinters. The GC guys will hide in the peloton while the sprinters rip right in,.. it will be a very fast stage.

Tomorrow we head towards the Alps via the Rhone Valley from Pont du Gard to Gap, it will be a “hilly” 200km ride.

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