Stage 2 – La Vuelta completed

Let’s get this party started was most definitely the brief given to the course designers for the opening road stage of La Vuelta 2019…. Ooh la la, mamma mia! The last 3km climb 20km from the finish was a real attention grabber, and especially after 170km and aporox 3,000 meters of climbing already in the legs. It commenced at approx 17% and reached 20% towards the top. Given today’s stage was classified “Hilly” and other stages “Mountains” and “Big Mountains” we’re in for one rip roaring tour…. bring it on.
An extra special magical moment was being greated by good friends Ingrid and hubby Lieuwe at the finish line, a really special moment that put a big smile on my face and spring in my step.

Tomorrow is 188km from Ciudad to Alicante.

Pics: Tim Harris & Andreas Pescoll

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  1. Paul Gray says:

    Once again all strength in your legs for the coming weeks… and keep the brain strong! the legs can do it as you have proven in the last two…….. Heads in the right place bud!!!!

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