Stage 7 – La Vuelta completed

Wow, what a difference a day makes. Today’s stage was without doubt the best so far. We chewed up the first 80km of the course at approx 30kph as we made our way through the beautiful Province of Castellón to the base of the mountains. I’d not heard of Port Castellon before however it’s a beautiful port city with the most amazing artworks in their roundabouts. The climbs categorized 2 & 3 were as expected and without surprise however the last 4km to the finish were “extra special” with ramps of 25%. Do yourself a favor and watch the last 4kms of the pros race this climb. Excitement plus and spectacular athleticism at it’s very best. For myself and our little team of 3 it was a matter of survival and getting it done which we did. A huge thanks to Andreas, Tim & Josep for your support on the road as well as everyone for your messages and positive vibes, very much appreciated. Madrid is another day closer XPics: Tim Harris & Andreas Pescoll

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