Stage 8 – La Vuelta completed

The changing landscapes were a major feature today. From rolling hills sporting wind mills and far reaching fields similar to those near my home town of Goulburn in NSW Australia through to majestic mountains similar to the Italian Dolomites but with a Spanish twist…. a very changing landscape. The ride itself was challenging but not punishing with just one Cat 2 climb. If you want to know what a Cat 2 climb looks the attached pictures give an idea. In one photo we are riding to the base of the climb and another I’m standing with Andreas and Josep at a lookout 15km from the top. You can see the road leading to the base to the left of us.
The “HC” Categorised climbs are the most difficult followed by Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3… Tomorrow we have x1 HC climb, x2 Cat 2 climbs and x1 Cat 3 climb… it will be a very testing day as we ride 95km from Andorra to Cortals d’Encamp. Essentially 3 loops out of Andorra up and over the largest mountains in the area.

Pics: Tim Harris, Andreas Pescoll & Josep Miralles

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