“Age Quod Agis – Whatever you do, Do it well”, was the motto indoctrinated into Mike

Mike with Aussie cycling star Nathan Hass at 2019 Tour Down Under.

Navybox through his school life at St Patricks College Goulburn, country NSW Australia. A motto, it would appear, he took literally and applied to most aspects of his sporting, business and family life.

However on Mother’s Day 2011 Mike’s world was turned on its head when he was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma – Kidney Cancer. Mike underwent emergency surgery to remove the cancerous malignant tumor as well as his right kidney.

Following surgery Mike sought treatment both locally and Internationally. He threw everything he had at this challenge which included numerous trips to Paris for cutting edge ISET blood tests, an amazing blood test that identifies circulating malignant tumor cells. Mike maintained a courageous and positive can win attitude throughout this very testing ordeal for both he and his family.

Upon returning to driver training work in 2013, Mike was involved in a very serious accident whilst in the passenger seat of a high performance car. He sustained bleeding on the brain and serious neck injuries. Mike underwent major surgery that included three vertebrae being fused together.

If that wasn’t enough more tragedies were to come with the death of his father in 2013 and sudden death of his very close sister Deborah in 2015.


Mike’s beautiful sister Deborah on the right with her gorgeous daughter Sophie.

Not surprising, Mike was clinically diagnosed with Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mike’s personal consultations with medical professionals is ongoing however Mike also supports others dealing with cancer and depression about the importance of seeking professional help as well as providing practical, positive advice.

To this end, Ride With Mike is born. With your help we can take Mike’s inspirational and positive messages to an entirely new level.


“Mikes on bikes” – Mike Navybox with cycling great Michael Rogers

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