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Stage 21 & final stage – Giro d’Italia completed

June 4, 2019

The Giro d’Italia is now complete. Many thanks to everyone for your kind words and support along this journey. Words cannot describe my feelings, but it’s amazing what the human body can tolerate both physically and psychologically.To everyone who has helped me thus far especially my medical practitioners, major sponsors family and friends, I thank […]

Stage 20 – Giro d’Italia COMPLETED!

June 4, 2019

YES, YES, YES…. with just the 17km time trial in Verona tomorrow to ride, I will have completed the entire Giro d’Italia.Today was huge with over 5,300 meters of vertical climbing….OMG, the enormity of what has just happened will sink in soon enough but for now we have 2hour transfer to Verona.. I’ll update with […]


“The ISET-CTC test was developed by Professor Paterlini-Brechot in France about 20 years ago, is a cytology-based blood test using microscopy – a 100-year old clinically validated technique to identify cancer cells and used in oncology all around the world. This ISET-CTC test is superior in its sensitivity and specificity to identify cancer cells compared to other non-cytological Circulating Tumor Cell tests available anywhere in the world, evident in more than 80 peer-reviewed articles published worldwide. We at NIIM are the first Institute in Australia to have acquired this technology and Michael has brought us together.”

AProf Dr Karin Ried
PhD MSc GDPH Cert Integrat Medicine
Research Director
National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, University of Adelaide, SA

Honorary Adjunct A/Prof, Bond University, QLD

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