Stage 21 & final stage – Giro d’Italia completed

The Giro d’Italia is now complete. Many thanks to everyone for your kind words and support along this journey. Words cannot describe my feelings, but it’s amazing what the human body can tolerate both physically and psychologically.To everyone who has helped me thus far especially my medical practitioners, major sponsors family and friends, I thank […]

Stage 20 – Giro d’Italia COMPLETED!

YES, YES, YES…. with just the 17km time trial in Verona tomorrow to ride, I will have completed the entire Giro d’Italia.Today was huge with over 5,300 meters of vertical climbing….OMG, the enormity of what has just happened will sink in soon enough but for now we have 2hour transfer to Verona.. I’ll update with […]

Stage 19 – Giro d’Italia completed

Ka-BOOOOOM!!!! Stage 19 completed!We’ve secured a ticket to the final colossal dance in the Dolimites…..OMG,… WOW, WOW, WOW…., we can do this!As ridiculous as this may sound, today was very much a recovery ride and staying safe preparing me for the big dance tomorrow… and it’s going to be one hell-of-a BIG dance! (the overview […]

Stage 18 – Giro d’Italia completed

Today’s 222km Stage 18 from Valdaora/Olang to Santa Maria Di Sala was extremely uninspiring from a riding perspective however it’s over and tomorrow is a new day, so let’s move on.. The most positive things were seeing the stunning Dolomite Mountains at sun rise plus the beautiful towns we rode through. There were also big […]

Stage 17 – Giro d’Italia completed

Backing up from yesterday’s insanely brutal experience was tough, extremely tough…. so much so I slept thru my alarms and was very close to abandoning however my trusty leader Uri ensured all was good and “just relax, you doing good man, you got this”… After barely surviving yesterday and nearly pulling the pin this morning, […]

Stage 16 – Giro d’Italia completed

OMG, what a day,… just insane!! Best part was meeting @stueyog Stuart O’Grady and his tour group for a chat at the 115k mark… My Strava/Garmin data pictured is not accurate as I stopped after descending off Mortirolo for warm dry cloths… at that point we also decided to take my cycling buddies back to […]

Stage 15 – Giro d’Italia completed

The 232km Stage 15 from Ivrea to Coma was my toughest yet. It was raining for the first 60k and I was drenched to the bone freezing cold within 10 minutes… Our little team lead by Uri were so helpful, patient and encouraging.. I was ever so close to abandoning changing x4 times but just […]

Stage 14 – Giro d’Italia completed

Stunning is the best way to describe Stage 14. Stunningly beautiful and stunningly tough. All four climbs were challenging at more than 10k long including sustained ramps at 15-20%, the average on the last climb was approx 9.5%. We were fortunate the predicted rain didn’t fall and finishing in the shadow of Monte Blanco was […]

Stage 13 – Giro d’Italia completed

As expected today was tough, very tough but we did it. We were unfortunate to be caught by the pro riders 30k from the finish, at the base of the last brutal climb, which meant we had to wait on side of the road for a considerable amount of time until the road was reopened. […]