Stage 21 – Tour de France completed

TOUR DE FRANCE COMPLETED Many thanks to everyone for your support and kind words of encouragement, sincerely appreciated. A special big thanks to my major sponsors for your unconditional support and belief fir without this amazing opportunity would not have become the reality it is… I’ll soon post stats however for now it’s bed time.

Stage 20 – Tour de France completed

We’re off… To Paris with love 😘💕❤

Stage 19 – Tour de France completed

Stunning landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, sun, rain… we had it all in what was an incredibly amazing stage. After yesterday’s mega effort it was rewarding to ride Europe’s highest pass and complete Stage 19 relatively comfortably albeit in the pouring rain… riding at these extreme altitudes is a real buzz however the decents are definitely […]

Stage 18 – Tour de France completed

The French Alps are absolutely stunning… wow, just beautiful and thankfully so as the incredible jaw dropping scenery was just reward for the effort required today. To ride mountains that are solidly written into the Tour de France history books and still see the names of past legends still painted on the roadways was so […]

Stage 17 – Tour de France completed

The changing landscapes were a major feature today, just stunning and so very different from start to finish… from harsh hot dry through rolling vineyards, lush lavender fields and jaw dropping canyons… this stage is made for television viewing so be sure to tune in… As far as rides go it was up hill all […]

Stage 16 – Tour de France completed

After our rest day yesterday it was nice to enjoy a relatively easy day on the bike today. Our little GTP team has grown for the last week and we now have riders from US, UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Venezuela and Australia. Riding a 177km loop from Nimes through some very historical sites and villages back […]

Stage 15 – Tour de France completed

Today was always going to be a big day of climbing and it didn’t disappoint. Strategically I needed to survive in good shape by not pushing too hard as fatigue is currently my greatest enemy. All climbs and descents were very different and unique and actually quite enjoyable. With the exception of the Mur or […]

Stage 14 – Tour de France completed

Mega day riding the mountains completed. To finish atop of the iconic Toumalet was very special. The roads are lined with campervans and hundreds if not thousands of people. Meeting my Belgium buddies/angels was another highlight. The second week of a Grand Tour is the toughest to push through. Mentally I’m exhausted and physically, yes, […]

Stage 13 – Tour de France completed

While only 27km long, the Stage 13 TDF Time Trial is technically challenging with many short sharp hills and tricky fast decents combined with a couple of flat standard arterial roads and 90 degree city street corners…. a little something for everyone… the riders with tired legs will suffer though as some gradients such as […]

Stage 12 – Tour de France completed

What an epic day. 209km with x2 Cat 1 climbs to finish, not for the faint hearted. Just take a look at the photo of me standing with the valley below. We rode 125km from Toulouse to the village you see in the valley and then climbed x2 mountains to the point where the photo […]