Stage 12 – Giro d’Italia completed

Wow, what a fantastic day on the bike. Beautiful weather, scenery and supporters along the route plus an interview and visit to the podium. The climbs were tough. For my friends in Goulburn think about Ottiwell St for 6k plus up steep side of Cowper St (cobbled and 450 meter long) x2… the second time […]

Stage 11 – Giro d’Italia completed

Another pancake flat ride today of 220k. Highlights included morning tea in a beautiful market square in Parma and riding thru villages on closed roads with many locals cheering us on. Huge thanks to Uri & Beardy for massive efforts on the front and keeping me safe. Tomorrow is 158k long as we head into […]

Stage 10 – Giro d’Italia completed

Today’s ride was pan cake flat and uninspiring other than getting to know and working with our new team. We finished in Modena so rather than watch the pro’s finish I decided to pay tribute Nikki Lauda and visit the Muse Casa Enzo Ferrari…

Stage 9 – Giro d’Italia completed

It was fantastic riding the time trial course today sharing the closed road with the pros warming up and cycling legend Paolo Bettini. While just 34k long, the last 6k was very steep, above 10% in places. Week 1 of Giro is now completed with a rest day tomorrow. Last week by the numbers; 9 […]

Stage 8 – Giro d’Italia completed

Today was a pretty special and rewarding stage. At the 150k mark we stopped in a little village cafe. The locals started chatting as they have done everywhere however these folk were special, local hero Giovanni Carboni’s parents and brother. We were in his home town and favorite cafe, what are the chances… Ride with […]

Stage 7 – Giro d’Italia completed

Weather was favorable which made for an enjoyable recovery type ride today. Generally feeling very good and enjoying the climbs. Tomorrow is a long flat stage of 239km from Tortoreto Lido to Pesaro.

Stage 6 – Giro d’Italia completed

Solid 237km day with 2,900m climbing. Feeling good.   Tomorrow is another long stage of 180k and 3,000m of climbing… a very long steep climb 150k into the stage will be a certain tester… Will be an extra tough day as powerhouse Rob leaves us today but Andreas, Michael and I will keep on chugging […]

Stage 5 – Giro d’Italia

Less than ideal conditions of 6 degrees, wind and rain, it was freezing cold. The 140k journey started with a steady climb of approx 800mtres elevation in the first 30k and then little pinches and false flats to the finish… huge thanks to A ndreas, Rob, Michael & Pete our amazing soigneur. Timorrow will be […]

Stage 4 – Giro d’Italia completed

An incredible ride today thru some amazing medieval towns. Strong head winds for the first 60k. Our small team of 4 worked incredibly well, a huge thanks to our team leader Andreas for his relentless super strong efforts on the front.

Stage 3 – Giro d’Italia completed

Today was very cold and windy however I’m feeling good and strong on the bike. Tomorrow is another long stage of 235km from Orbetello to Frascati.